Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend is nearer...

The weekend is near...what are your plans? Mine, I don't know yet, but a long bike ride is in my near future.
The picture here shows the volcano in Iceland from the space station. I don't know if it is still blowing.
I finished The Invisible Bridge. The two main characters did not die in the book, but almost every one in their families died. I really liked this novel, as it was so unpredictable. I did not know until the end who survived and who died.
I started reading Marathon earlier today, but it is too much like making sausage. You like what comes out at the end but reading or making it is too much to stomach as you watch it.
I will go the library tomorrow to pick up six more books, including Ape House, another novel about bonobo apes. As you may recall, I just finished, a few weeks ago, the novel Lucy. In Lucy there was a young girl who was half human and half ape. Not made through the normal channels, with through artificial methods.
I discovered we have edited 31 different versions of Creation, a long poem by the late Raymond Geraths, Nolan's dad. The last six we have listen to on my Kindle 3. Listening to it makes us find more editing mistakes. The typed version of Creation is 42 pages long. Over 7,700 words. We don't know how we plan to price it when we place it on the Kindle page.
I made some chicken with cream of chicken soup in my slow cooker. I also made some rice to go with it. It is all ready now but I am not hungry yet. I will wait an hour until I eat.

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