Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn starts today...

Hi again:
This picture shows my upside down tomato. You can see one red tomato on it. I will pick it today as I took this picture two days ago. The fruit causes the vines to drop down, but with much larger vines than on my in-ground plants. I must water this plant every day. Even with the great amount of rain we had in the past few days, it does not reach this plant as it is under the eves of the garage here.
I hope I did not upset you yesterday with the two pictures of slaughter of dolphins in Denmark. My friend in China forwarded this to me with more graphic pictures than I posted here.
Nearing the end of The Invisible Bridge. Bad things are happening now and I wonder if the two main characters will survive to the end.
I certainly do not understand anti-Semitism. Some fake Christians think the Jews killed Christ, but no one knows what happened back then. You certainly cannot believe anything written in any of the gospels. Those writers were not there and were two generations past the time he lived. What kind of story can you tell in detail about your grandparents who may have died before you were born? Not even your grandparents but a friend of a friend of a friend who died before 70 to 110 years earlier. This is why no one can believe anything written in the four gospels. Those are not fact-finding writings. Allegorical at best, fiction too.
This is why I cannot go to Church on Sunday. I cannot stand to listen to the priest tells us what is written in the gospel readings actually happened. None of it happened as the writers did not know what happened.
Something comparable is what happened here 70 years ago. Take, for example, the end of Prohibition. Assume we have no Internet nor any libraries. No research material at all. This is what faced the four people who wrote the four gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John were NOT the writers).
How much credibility would you give someone with those limitations to tell you and me about Prohibition? Not much at all. The same things applies to the facts in the gospels.
Growing up attending Catholic schools, I believed God directed the hand of the gospel writers. This was the impact of nuns teaching us each year. Now, I realize how stupid this idea was. God plays no role in our lives from the time we were apes to now. Evolution and nature took us from there to here.
God never talks to us, she never impacts us. She is there, I assume. But she plays no role in our lives, never answers our prayers, she never talks to us.
If you tell me otherwise, that God talks with you, I certainly will never believe it.
End of this rant.

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