Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday eve...


This picture shows two of the three buildings at Regis High School, from where I graduated from there. To the left in the picture is the classroom building. To the right is the chapel/library. I loved the campus aspect of this high school when I was there. What is missing from this picture is the gym.

I am now reading The Invisible Bridge, a novel of Europe just before World War II. It starts in Budapest in 1937 and goes from there.

I am drying some of my tomatoes again. I am getting so many every day. Tomorrow's tomatoes will be made into a non-spicy salsa. My mother used to make this but I don't have her recipe. So to the internet I will go.

I do believe my in ground tomatoes are determinant, giving tomatoes all at once. Next summer I will find some indeterminate tomatoes, those plants that give tomatoes over time.

My upside down tomato now has over 17 tomatoes on it. A few are changing dark green to a light green, meaning red is not far away. I will take a picture of it with some red tomatoes on it and post one here when that happens.

There are three new Harry Potter novels out, actually focusing on his father James. All are free so I downloaded them to my Kindle 3. The three books are in PDF format, which my Kindle 3 reads it as native. I did try to covert them to a better format using Calibre but the format that came out had gaps between lines like paragraphs. I deleted all three from my Kindle and put the PDF ones on it.

J. R. Rowling is not the author of these three books but apparently has given her permission for these new stories.

A warm week as summer ends in two weeks.


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