Thursday, September 30, 2010

H today


Not much happening here today. Just got back from the library where I picked up four different books.

Tonight is the preview of the used book sale at our community center. I am heading down there at 5:00 pm to get in to get a better dictionary, a Shakespeare book and to see if I can find a copy of The Cure for All Diseases. I will see if there any other books I want to read.

I watched the Top of the 10th Inning, which I recorded two nights ago. I am going to watch the Bottom of the 10th Inning later today. I enjoy Ken Burns take on baseball. It is baseball that I watch on TV. I don't watch football or basketball or any other TV sports on my television.

I hope we made the last edit of Creation last night. We will check it again tonight to see if it I need to make another corrections. We listen to the poem on my Kindle 3, with the text-to-speech feature. Seems like every time we listen we find more mistakes.

Two days ago I told Nolan to read the poem for context not just to find misspelled words. I wonder if he knows how to read for context. Seems like I make the context corrections. Anyway, we are close to the end of the editing.

The picture I will add after I finish is my upside down tomato showing four ripening tomatoes on it. I do believe the vines grow big enough to hold up the tomatoes.

What are your plans for the coming weekend?


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