Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nice summer weather


OK, is this a hoax or real? It is called a zonkey. A baby of a zebra and donkey. Somehow I think it is hoax.

Summer weather for the last few weeks of summer here. So very nice.

Packing for Mars is such a funny book and informative one too. Long-term gravity effects, the food, the waste from humans, personal relations of the most kind. All so funny as interesting.

My next book is The Storm on Katrina. I saw him on HBO on the most recent documentary on the storm.

I have five books waiting for me at the library. I will pick them all up tomorrow.

I used Calibre to translate some PDF files to read on the Kindle today. My Kindle 3 reads PDF in native form. But the type is so small. I can increase it from 100% to 150% and above. But that means I must turn it sideways and it still does not read correctly. Using a free computer program to translate it to be read on the Kindle. It looks so much better this way.

Have a good week.


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