Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dried prunes look great

I should have been more detailed. These white moose show up in the UP of Michigan. UP stands for Upper Peninsula.
My dried prunes look great. It took over 18 hours at 135 degrees on my dryer to get these big Brooks prunes dried. Ten pounds of prunes fill a big bowl once dried.
I am now drying some tomatoes. I never did this before. I know tomatoes are 80% water so I wonder what these will be like when dried.
I am not doing much reading as summer ends. Too much to do other than reading.
I went to 2 garage sales this morning.
One I walked to as it in our neighborhood. I got a glass frying pan. The homeowner said she never used it and it looks that way. We shall see how it works.
The second garage sale was a long bike ride away. I got a shopping bag, an exacto knife and some Pectin. The prices at this garage sale were somewhat high, so I will ride there tomorrow to see if prices came down much.
My nomination for the second stupidest man in the world (no one can ever beat Glenn Beck): it is the Florida minister of 50 people who wants to burn the Koran. He says now he will never burn it but I don't believe him. He is the stupidest man this week, second only to Beck.
I do hope your weekend is going well.

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