Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday at 4:00 pm

Hello again:
This picture shows my upside down tomato in its early stages, once it started to grow quite a bit. Compare this to the recent picture I posted here with all of the tomatoes on it. It pulls down the vines but the the vines do not break.
It has been a nice day today, with a lot of sunshine. I did a load of dark clothes and they are hanging outside now.
I am now reading Ape House, but only a few pages into it. I will read more of it after dinner tonight. This book is only 306 pages, compare to The Invisible Bridge, which is 604 pages. It took me a week to finish The Invisible Bridge. I think I will get through Ape House in a few days.
My next book is The Murder Room: The Heirs of Sherlock Holmes Gather to Solve the World's Most Perplexing Cold Cases. I head this author on NPR a week or so ago.
One last edit tonight, I hope, of Creation, the long poem by the late Raymond Geraths. I wish he was still around to help us with his handwriting. This will be the 32nd edit we have done of this poem. Every poem we printed out, so we had to use 3 new ink cartridges. But I discovered how to print in Fast Draft, which prints the poem in about five minutes and uses much less ink than the normal print function.
We don't know yet what we will price this poem on the Amazon Kindle page. I am leaning to offering it for free, as we have his second poem ready to go now too. That second poem is called Redemption. It is around the same length as Creation. We could offer Creation for free and then ask $4.99 for Redemption.
Do any of you have a Kindle as you read this? If not, the new Kindle 3 with WiFi only, is $139.00. You can see it at Target and Staples.
Have a great weekend.

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