Friday, September 17, 2010

A cooking morning

Today has been a cooking morning. First, I made some baked apples in my new crock pot. Raisins, sugar and a little butter. Now I must wait 4 to 6 hours as they cook in the slow cooker.
Second, I made some non-spicy salsa. It does have a bite to it, probably from too much lemon pepper. The recipe called for a dash but I dumped more than a dash.
Making the salsa was my first use of my food processor. I needed to pulse the ingredients instead of letting it puree. But is good nevertheless.
It is raining again today, during the last days of summer here. Fall arrives next week. We are past the dog days of summer, but I don't think we had dog days here. It never got that hot here during August.
I read for two hours last night, turning off my computer and TV to read The Invisible Bridge. I wonder how many will survive World War II in Europe? The main character and few others are Jewish, so I do wonder what will happen to each of them. I will try to finish this book this weekend.
Have a great last weekend of summer.

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