Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rain coming?????

Hi again:
This picture, which I got from Len Edgerly's blog of pictures, shows sunrise in Maine.
According to the weather report we are in for some rain for the next week or so. Today, instead of tomorrow, I did my laundry in order to hang the clothes outside one last time. They are out now for the past two hours.
I broke our coffee glass pot this morning, so I went to BiMart to get a new pot, but the coffee pot was listed for $15.99, but when I went to check out it was listed at $9.99. Not too bad for a new coffee pot. This was the complete coffee pot not just the glass pot.
A friend has 52,000 miles saved on Delta Miles, but most expired in March of this year. Have you known anyone who was successful getting miles back on card?
I went to Starbucks yesterday to get some Anniversary Blend beans. I made some this morning. It is an excellent coffee.
With the rain coming, I will spend this weekend weekend reading my book and reading on my Kindle 3.
What do you think of our summer that is ending next week? I don't think we got over 100 degrees on any day this summer. Sure it was hot for a few days. But not that hot.
Now I found out I cut two of other fingers yesterday. I told you about deep cut on my left index finger, but now I find out I have a cut on my left thumb and on my right ring finger.
I have a big bowl of prunes yet to process. I could dry them but I have a big bowl of dried in the garage frig. I will try out my prune jam I made yesterday. If that is good then I will make some more.

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