Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday now...

Hi again:

The tomatoes are pulling down the limbs on my upside down tomato. None are nearly ripe. I may cut them to make pickled green tomatoes.

I am giving up coffee for a few days. I am waking up very early. I assume it is drinking my coffee in the afternoon and into the evening. So on to tea for a few days. I love Earl Grey tea. I wish I had some oolong tea from China with me here. It comes in a black round cake. You break it off and then wash it it fives to times before using the small piece to make your tea. It is the best tea I ever drank.

I am getting five to six tomatoes a day off my two Willamette plants. I may have to start canning some to save some in that way.

I am reading Packing for Mars very slowly. I wanted to read it faster but other things are interfering with my reading enjoyment.

Summer's final weekend, so we like to think.


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