Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday morning


The house here smells of tomatoes as I am drying two trays of tomatoes. It takes about 8 hours to dry these 20 tomatoes. So, around 6:30 pm today I will check them to see how dry they are. This is the fourth batch of dried tomatoes.

I estimate I have gotten over 80 tomatoes off my two plants. I still see some more ripening on the two in-ground plants, called Willamette.

I have made four batches of salsa, eight trays of dried tomatoes. I gave my dad a dozen when he stopped by here about a week ago. I am not going to can any of them. I still have my canned tomatoes from last year.

Ape House is a short book so I will finish it. I am more than half way through and it certainly is no page-turner. I am sure glad I got this from my library rather than buying for my Kindle 3.

I recorded Wall Street today. I have never seen it before. I don't know if I will see the new Wall Street movie.

I see Catholic women in Portland are boycotting Mass today to protest how the Church treats women in the world. I no longer attend Mass as I don't believe much of what the church teaches. But I do agree with those women. The Catholic Church treated women so very poorly. I remember when women had to wear something on their head to attend Mass. Hard telling why the Church required this. It is just one minor example of how the church treats women.

It is raining out this morning, but I had my clothes hanging outside. I hope the rain stops this afternoon so my clothes can dry out there.


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