Friday, September 3, 2010

My tomatoes are so good..

Hi again:
It has been some time since I posted here. I have been busy but now the three day weekend is here.
This picture shows an old Japanese Lace Leaf Maple tree.
My tomatoes are so very good. I am getting four to five a day off of my two in ground plants. My upside down one has at least 15 tomatoes are on it now. None are changing color yet but yesterday I heard a recipe for pickled green tomatoes so I may try doing that if the freeze comes too early with a lot of green tomatoes left on my plants.
I have been making Kindle covers out of some old books I picked up the sale at our local used bookstore. All hardcover and bigger softcover books are now $1.00 through Saturday.
I went to a big garage sale this morning where I picked up a smaller 3-ring notebook I will try to make into a Kindle cover for my Kindle 3.
My Kindle 3 fits into my Oberon Cover I used with my Kindle 1. But I want to see what it looks like an actual book.
What are your plans this long weekend? I don't know what I am doing yet.

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