Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mid-week today....


My tomatoes are still coming but not as fast as the past few weeks. I am letting the remainder fully ripen on the vine. In the past I picked them partially ripe and let them ripen in the house. I have four ripening on my upside down tomato. I will take a picture of it later today to post to here in a day or so.

I am not reading as much as I want to do these days. Other things seem to getting in my way of just sitting down for a few hours to read my book.

I am setting up an aquarium now. I was thinking of doing a salt-water aquarium this time, but getting the instructions off the Internet, it seems to be too complex for what I want now.

So my aquarium will be a regular one. Guppies, angel fish and other common fish will go into this one.

One more edit of Creation, an epic poem by the late Raymond Geraths. I may wait until Nolan takes to Portland this weekend to have others read it again. We have edited 35 times now. What we learn on editing this poem teaches us how to edit the next two poems. I am placing all three poems in books on the Kindle page. Two of the poems are 7,700 words long with last one over 15,000 words.

I am pricing Creation at $2.99. Redemption will be at $4.99 and Sanctification priced at $6.99.

I have some more ideas on marketing ebooks now. I am learning from various sources.

I trust your week is going well.


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