Tuesday, July 20, 2010

U today....

Hi again:

This picture shows my two tomatoes in the ground. You see some small green tomatoes on it together with many blossoms. This variety is Willamette. I got these as small 79 cent plants from Wilco.

I have one tomato growing upside down. It is an Early Girl variety and it has a series of blooms on it. I want to see how the tomatoes hang on it when it upside down.

I have a second picking of rhubarb now. I fertilized it about a month ago, now both plants have some leaves I can cut off and cook up.

I want to get 40 pounds of prunes, as I told you the other day. I want to dry those 40 pounds of prunes.

I continue to read Colossus about Hoover Dam. It was initially called Boulder Dam, but in 1947 Congress renamed it Hoover Dam.

I am waiting for Nolan to get Creation back to me. Unknown to him and all others I am typing up Sanctification, a 92 page poem. I am doing about six pages a day, so I will finish it during the first week in August. I work on the poem as soon as I get up in the morning. I want to get my quota done early in the day.

If you listen to All Things Considered today you can hear a long story on Catholics in China. Interesting story.

Have any of you gotten miles restored by Delta Airlines? We have over 51,000 miles accrued on that Delta card, but only 10,506 are eligible for redemption. I will contact Delta to try to get these miles back.


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