Thursday, July 15, 2010

H now

Hi again:
I love neon. I wish I had this coffee cup in neon.
I downloaded to my Kindle, a sample of Lucy, a novel where a teenage girl is half human and half bonobo ape. These apes are so much like humans it is scary. I have this book reserved at the library but it may take some time to come in. If it is not in by the time I end the the Mars series, then I will get for my Kindle. Samples are free but only contain three chapters of the book. I read it this morning and it looks to be a great novel.
I am nearing the end of Red Mars. It is a good novel, science fiction in that they are on Mars, now for over 20 years.
I have six other books here to read so I better start reading for longer period of times to get through the Mars books.
I found out bees were making a nest at the end of the poles on our clothes line. I sprayed these hornets to end their stay there.
How is your week going?

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