Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good morning

Good morning:

This is a new walkway at the Grand Canyon. It was not there when I was there a few years ago. I spent about a half an hour and then I left. Not much to see once you see it. You can look at a big ditch for only so long.

I did finish Last Call. It is an excellent book. If we can look to one event that changed peoples' minds was the inauguration of Herbert Hoover. In his speech he gave a detailed plan of enforcing Prohibition. That changed so many opinions. Of course, this country leaked liquor from every place. I read the Constitution last night to see the 18th Amendment and the 21st Amendment repealing it.

I am about a quarter through Red Mars. Not the science fiction I was expecting. More of a literary science fiction. I will keep reading it to see how it develops. It better turn into a good book as I have Green Mars and Blue Mars here to read next.

I was not feeling good here two nights ago. I had a bad stomach ache.

But last night I picked some fresh peas from my garden. I had them over my dumplings. We have here what I call "fried dumplings." You call them pot stickers, but to me they are simple fried dumplings.

I do wish we could get the dumplings like I get in China. That is my favorite food in China. My next favorite food in China is noodles. Rice comes a distant third.

Fried rice in China looks nothing like the fried rice here. In the U.S. I believe they use soy sauce when frying rice here. Not so in China. It has much more other stuff than you get in fried rice here.

I do like tofu in every form except fried smelly tofu. I like tofu in sauce, tofu skins, tofu in other foods.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I sure am.


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