Friday, July 2, 2010

Raining again....

This picture shows the tallest building in the world, in Dubai.
It is raining out again...again....again.... Why so much rain. In June we had over 4 inches of rain, where the normal amount of rain for June is 1.5 inches. Now we shall see how much rain we get in July. In August our rain amount should be -0-.
I am almost finished with Rock Paper Tiger. I thought I would finish it yesterday. Today for sure.
As soon as I finish this posting I am heading out to see if the strawberry booth is open for its last day.
I have another book to read here about China: Poorly Made in China. As soon as I finish Last Call. I am waiting until next Tuesday to go the library to pick up the books waiting for me.
I hope the rain stops today and with no rain on the 4th.

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