Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hump Day again

One raspberry plant into many raspberry plants this year. They show in this picture. We planted just one raspberry plant last summer and now this summer we have about 20 plants coming up. I know you prune the plant each year by cutting off the completely the fruit-bearing cane. So I will dig out a bigger area for next year's plants.
I am heading to the library soon. I have a good novel waiting for me there.
It was so cold this morning when I went to Safeway on my bike. I was wearing just a T-shirt and short pants. Downright cold on that trip.
As you know I don't eat cheese. I am listening to Stuff You Should Know podcast on how we taste. One of the hosts said his jaw locks up when eating a piece of sharp cheddar cheese. Does this ever happen to you? Again, I hate cheese so I can never test this myself.
How is your week going?

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