Tuesday, July 27, 2010

U now

Good morning:
This asteroid is lurking near us. It was formed when our solar system was formed.
I am still reading Colossus. Prohibition is going on when the thought of this dam came into being. It is still in effect up the bid time. It is interesting to see another book that comments on how much liquor leaked during the Prohibition. There was a still in Boulder City, the town that grew up with the building of Hoover Dam, called initially Boulder Dam.
Picked all of my peas this morning and put them in a slow boiler that has cream of mushroom soup and chicken. It is cooking now and will be ready by dinner time.
I have been in touch with my first cousin, once removed, Vince Schwindt. He is doing research on the Schwindt family. I answered a bunch of questions he had for me. I was not interest in genealogy until I got messages from Schwindt family members in Argentina.
I now have over 20 friends on Facebook that are from Argentina, all with last name of Schwindt.
My tomatoes are coming on strong. I have about 20 tomatoes now changing color. I will buying bacon in bulk soon. What I love about home-grown tomatoes is the taste of them, especially on bacon and tomato sandwiches. I skip the lettuce, although I do have red lettuce growing in my garden so I may vary pattern and put that on my sandwiches.
I have one tomato growing upside down. It has blooms on it now. I hope it gets tomatoes soon too. It is an Early Girl. My other tomatoes are Willamette. In the future I will buy tomatoes only with Oregon names.

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