Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday morning

Good morning:

This picture is from the parade yesterday. People riding floats in the parade throw candy to the kids and sometimes others walk the parade giving out candy. I am sure not all parades do this but this a tradition in Stayton. Back when I was growing up here, we had the annual Bean Festival. We had a Bean Queen and her court. We also had a big carnival that stayed in town for three or four days.

I am in the part of the book Last Call where the 18th amendment has been passed by Congress and 300+ days later the requisite number of states ratified it. The amendment gave the U.S. a year to stop producing liquor. I just cannot imagine this happening. It was a different time. Now we shall see how America handles itself during Prohibition. I want to see how we came about repealing it.

My next book is changing: Red Mars, which is on my Kindle (probably a free book I got some time ago). It is the first book of a trilogy, Green Mars then Blue Mars. Three science fiction books. I love to read science fiction. Been some time since I have done so so now I will read three in a row.

I heard an interview with this author of this service on NPR last week. These three books are not his latest books but he did talk about the series on the radio.

I hope it does not rain today. I need to mow the lawn later today.


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