Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fresh peas today...

Hi again:

This picture is the Panama Canal.

I am listening to 60's music on my TV. Station 803 plays Sonic TAP 60's Revolution. Music all of the time with no commercials. The music I grew up with.

I went to the library today to pick up 14 books there. But my next book is on my Kindle, Red Mars. I have Green Mars and Blue Mars here from the library so science fiction here I come.

I will finish Last Call today. Like I have been telling you this is a very interesting book, a history of Prohibition, its rise and its quick fall.

Now I am friends with other Schwindt family members from France and Germany plus a few more from Argentina. There is a new page on Facebook called Schwindt Cousins. I joined it and posted a picture of my grandparents that was taken in Argentina around 1905.

Much cooler today; not that I am complaining about the heat. After all the rain in May and June, we deserve some really hot weather now.


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