Tuesday, July 13, 2010

U afternoon

Hello again:

This picture is art made of cans of food. I have a few of these that I will post in the days to come.

Not much happening here these days. Nice day outside at least.

Red Mars is a long book. I am more than half way through it after reading it for two days.

There was a story a few days ago from a study that reading a Kindle is slower than reading DTB (that is Dead Tree Book). Apparently I read 10% slower, which I dispute. I do believe I read faster on Kindle, but this is a personal observation.

If you are considering getting a Kindle, now is the time do it. You can get Kindle 2 refurbished, for $110. Just a few weeks ago this same one was selling for $259.00. Even though it was refurbished, Amazon guarantees this just like a new Kindle.

Also, the new Kindle DX, in slate gray, has been reduced to $359.00, reduced from $499.99. I plan on buying a Kindle DX soon. The DX is the larger one, much larger than the Kindle 1 and Kindle 2. I have a Kindle 1 and I am very happy with it and I have no plans to get a Kindle 2.

Have some fun this week.


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