Wednesday, July 7, 2010

good morning on Hump Day


This picture shows the crowd at the parade last Sunday on the 4th of July. It was a long parade, lasting almost on hour. But it was good. It had horses, some pretty women, old cars and floats carrying persons.

As I said, I still reading Last Call, all about Prohibition in the United States. Once it started, a year after the 18th Amendment was passed by the 36 states. After Prohibition started, the United States leaked.. liquor was coming from every where. Off the east coast, boats were anchored 4 miles out and sold liquor. Canada sent liquor from every state. On the west coast, in California, wine was good. If you wanted liquor after the Prohibition, you good get it. I am half way through this book.

It is getting hot this week, finally. We had to wait until July to get to 90 degrees, 32.2 C.

I will try to finish my book tonight or tomorrow night. Then on to science fiction for 3 books.

See you later.


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