Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nice day

Hi again:
This picture is the Chunnel Tunnel between England and France. It goes under the English Channel for a good length of time.
I am meeting a high school classmate tonight. We have not seen each other for some years. It amazes me how we can make contact with old friends on Facebook.
I went to get some more strawberries today but the booth was closed. It may be open tomorrow, so I plan on getting there earlier than today. I got there today around 12:30 pm today. Tomorrow I will go there before 9:00 am. I want some more strawberries for shortcake.
I am drinking iced coffee now. I had hot coffee for breakfast, but this coffee I made yesterday and put in my frig. It tastes so different than hot coffee. An amazing softer taste even though I had to make the coffee much stronger than I when I make hot coffee.
My next book will be Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. I read a book on Prohibition a few years ago, but the author of Last Call is someone I want to read so I will make my next book.

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