Sunday, July 18, 2010

Approaching Sunday evening now...

Hi again:
This picture here is a French viaduct, carrying water across the country there.
I was planning on reading today but I did no reading today. Red Mars is dragging and dragging. I will not read the two sequels to this book. I have a different book to read when I am finally finished with Red Mars.
I had some marionberry cobbler yesterday at the reunion. It was so good I took some home to eat today. Marionberries are my favorite fruit, even though they were developed at Oregon State, the cow college in Corn Valley. Looking up marionberries on the Internet and found it was made from two other blackberries, both Oregon hybrids.
I need to put the pictures from yesterday on my computer and send them off to Vince Schwindt for identification. He is my first cousin, once removed. His father is my first cousin. I will do this tomorrow as I am tired today.
See you later.

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