Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mid-day on Saturday

Hello again:

This picture is a pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

No luck with the strawberries yesterday. The season is over...much to my dismay. I so wanted to get some strawberries to make more shortcake. Too bad...

I am reading Last Call about Prohibition. I am surprised that Prohibition lead to suffrage for women. Some of the women involved in the late 19th century promoting no drinking at all lead to voting by women...ultimately. This book is really good. A good history of the late 19th century leading to the 18th amendment in 1919.

My father was born in 1922. So I doubt if he knows much about Prohibition.

I know my mother told me when she was growing up there was a still in the upstairs of the house she lived in with her mother. I see the house every time I go to Aumsville.

My mother was born in 1931 so she had no memories of prohibition. She died some years ago but I did talk with her about her home growing up and Prohibition.

I went to 3 garage sales today. Not much at any of them. Got two recipe books.

I found a recipe for 4th of July hamburgers. I will try to make them tomorrow. Adding an egg, oatmeal and other stuff to a burger is not something I usually do. We shall see what happens tomorrow when I do this.

Have a good 4th.


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