Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend is here....

Good morning:

This picture shows up on, The Oregonian website. This bald eagle is struggling in the water. A fisherman in boat saved it and the third picture is the eagle taking off after being warmed up. The article said this male bald eagle was sitting a nest because of the special feathers they saw on it.

In tomorrow's post I will show you the other pictures from this series.

I spent this morning listening to podcasts. I listened to the Kindle Chronicles and now I am listening to Only a Game.

I am more than half way through Winston's War. Pearl Harbour just happened so England is happy the U.S. in the war. The Lend-Lease program of the U.S. for England was a cash and carry program that almost bankrupted England. The weapons sold under this program were old and out-of-date and of not much use to England.

I read over 150 pages last night, going beyond my goal of at least 100 pages a day. I plan on finishing this large book by tomorrow.

I am waiting to get The Big Short, the Michael Lewis book on the financial meltdown. I have it on my reserve list at the library. I have also been waiting for it to show up on the Kindle page. It was not there for some months after the book came out. I see now the book will come out on the Kindle page later this month, but at the same price as the hardcover book from Amazon. I am one of the people who will not pay more than $9.99 for any book on the Kindle page.

Hope you are enjoying this fine Saturday.


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