Thursday, May 20, 2010

H eve now

This picture the volcano in Iceland that gives Europe so much trouble with its flights.

I am almost finished with Creation, the first epic poem of the late Raymond Geraths. Tomorrow morning I will have the complete first draft done.

I am reading now Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Woman's Prison by Piper Kerman. I saw her interviewed on BookTV a couple of weekends ago. This book is about her stay for year in the federal prison in Danbury Connecticut. Five years after she ended her drug life, as a money courier for a big drug boss, she was arrested in New York. Then another six years went by after her guilty plea before she was sentenced to jail. The long gap was because the U.S. was trying to extradite the big drug boss from Britain. When that did not happen she was sentenced to 15 months in jail. The author is most educated one there, with one of the shortest sentences too. She explains life in prison is so restricted, a definite loss of freedom.

This is an excellent book and I recommend it highly.

My next book is Hellhound on His Trail, how the government finally found James Earl Ray after he shot Martin Luther King, Jr. I read the other two books by this author, Hampton Sides, Ghost Soldiers as well as Blood and Thunder. He is one of my favorite authors to read now.

I have the new Scott Turow novel here, Innocent, a sequel to Presumed Innocent. I just cannot believe I got Innocent so fast. It has been the number 1 best seller for the past two weeks. I had it on order at the library for only about 3 days when I found it in already. I have both books here from the library so I will read the older book first before reading his new book.

All of these new books from the library has put a temporary halt to my reading The Big Short on my Kindle.

If this rain continues then I will spend this weekend and the following holiday weekend reading the many books I have here from the Stayton library.


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