Tuesday, May 18, 2010

U today


This cartoon tells a lot of what is happening in the Gulf. It seems BP does not know what to do to with the oil coming out of the pipe one mile under the water. If you saw 60 Minutes on Sunday you saw a survivor of the crew on that platform. He was sitting next to the BP representative in a meeting when the BP guy said he did not agree with the closing of the well. He instead wanted it them to take the "mud" out to seal it, allowing the gas to come up and ignite on the platform in a big explosion. Certainly BP is responsible for ALL COSTS for cleaning up this spill.

Like I said earlier I think BP should be taken over by the government to sell its assets to pay the costs of cleanup.

Never heard of a right wing nut converting to be a liberal? I can give you two examples.

One is me. I was a right wing nut in high school and the start of college. But college at the U of O taught me how wrong the right wing is.

Another example shows up in The Big Short, Michael Lewis book on the people who went short on (that is, bet against) the sub-prime devices. One of these guys is Steven Eisman, a man who voted for Reagan twice and like Robert Bork, but now is as strong a liberal as I am.

Nolan tells me I will change my stripes once I start earning so much money I have to pay more taxes. Not me; taxes will not change me. I am liberal now and a liberal forever.

I picked up 8 more books today at the library. I need to stop ordering so many books and start making a list on my computer of books I want to read in the future. Now, I maintain a list but only for those books that do not show up in my library yet. That list is two pages already but some have come off as I found them in a library search.

I have a sinus headache this afternoon so I will not read much until it goes away. I took 3 Advil already but it still hurts above my eyes.


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