Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nice day for a Sunday

Hello on a very good day again:

I am almost finished with Winston's War. I am surprised how much he thought up and lead the battles of the British troops. I just cannot imagine Roosevelt doing this. Almost every battle Churchill thought up and forced upon his troops failed. He wanted an attack through Italy instead of Overlord, the D-Day attack across the Channel. He opposed it, even though the U.S. wanted it and Russia wanted it. Russia wanted the Second Front since Hitler attacked Russia.

Except for some success in North Africa, all of the British battles ended in a defeat for them. All can go back to Prime Minister as he thought up the site for each battle and forced his troops into it.

The cartoon picture is how I feel about the financial industry.

I did find The Big Short on the Kindle page yesterday at $9.99. So I bought it last night. I started it last night with about 100 pages to go in Winston's War. I will finish this book later this afternoon then on to The Big Short by Michael Lewis.

A few days ago I bought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The podcast of the Kindle Women will discussing this book on their podcast today. I downloaded the podcast already. so I may listen to it before reading the book. I am sure there are spoiler alerts in the podcast.

This book on the Kindle page was only $5.70. The second book in this series is a little more but third book, just out this month, is $9.99.

How is your weekend going?


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