Monday, May 17, 2010

Start of a new week...


What part of this calculator would you eat first? Me, I would break it up and eat pieces of it.

My brother sent me an email on how to determine your chocolate age. This calculator was one of the pictures in that email.

I am finished with Winston's War. This book sure lowered my opinion of Churchill as a result of this book. Not only did he try to operate the war field but he wanted the Allies to help him recover the English empire. Luckily they both agreed not to help him as this was the end of the English empire.

My next book is The Big Short. After that it will be No One Would Listen, a book about the Madeoff scandal.

Scott Turow wrote a new novel called Innocent, a sequel to Presumed Innocent. I read this latter book years ago, but now I will re-read it as I want to read his new novel. Usually I don't like to read his books as they are way too predictable. I read just a few more of his books after Presumed Innocent as I did not like them.

Have a good week.


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