Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mid-week, or Hump Day, is here


This picture is another from Iceland. Sort of reminds us Mt.St. Helen's.

It is raining again. I did luck out yesterday. Around 4:00 pm it rained so hard for so long I just left the clothes outside. By the time I got them they were wetter than when I took the clothes out of the washing machine.

I have not seen the forecast for the coming weekend. I sure hope it is nice. I need to mow the lawn here and I also need to weed the garden.

I am now reading a novel called The Killing Room, a book that takes place in Shanghai. I am reading only because it takes place in China.

I have 9 books waiting for me at the library. By the time I go there on Friday or Saturday there may be 11 of them.

I can read a 250 page book in two days. Even a 400 page book goes in two days. A 500+ book takes me three to four days.

Now that Lost and 24 have ended, I plan to watch the series. I did not watch any part of these shows during the year.

Are you going to see the new chick flick, Sex and the City 2? Not me. I have never watched any part of the TV show or any part of the first movie.

I mention this as there is a story on Morning Edition on NPR today on the private parties for the show's opening. Like I said....a chick flick.....

36 days since the oil started leaking out of the ocean floor. I firmly believe BP is responsible for this spill. They certainly were not prepared for the leak. I hope BP has to pay billions and billions of dollars to clean up the mess they caused. I hope BP does not survive this. They are an inconsiderate corporation.

Like The Onion opines this morning, BP should be using a million pounds of oatmeal to plug this leak.

Rain, STOP.


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