Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tis Saturday morning...


I don't know if this picture is about age or about what happens in a divorce.

I bought two tomato plants yesterday. Willamette variety as any with Oregon names are designed for Oregon.

I am spending this morning watching what I recorded the past week. The only funny news show I watch (recorded) is Bill Maher. A good liberal and atheist, just like me.

I have jury duty on Monday. I suspect I will have to report this time. My number is 55; last time my number was 167. When I called last time, they wanted people with numbers between 1 and 62. I will call later today, as my jury duty is on Monday.

After mowing the lawn yesterday, today I will spray the lawn with Weed-B-Gon. I have a weed wacher here to cut long the fence and house.

Among the eight books here only two are are novels. One I read in law school, The Seven Percent Solution. A Sherlock tale...

The other novel is Pearl by the author who wrote Red Azaleas. As you know I like to read books on China and this novel, like her earlier one.

A good weekend is here; I hope you are enjoying it.


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