Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday and still raining

Hi again:
This picture is what it looked like on the Gulf coast just before Katrina hit there. I have a series of pictures that will appear in later posts showing these haunting pictures.
I did finish Orange is the New Black last night. I find myself giving up TV now that reruns have started. I recommended this book yesterday and I want to recommend it again. It is such a good book and tells you a lot something we don't know and is so interesting once you get into the book.
I found out two of my favorite TV shows have been cancelled. Numb3rs and Fastforward have both been cancelled. Plus Lost is ending, two years ahead of the schedule. I have been recording all of Lost shows and will watch it all once the show ends later this month.
I have my next two books ready to read now. Hellbound on His Trail and then No One Would Listen, a true financial story. I figured out a book between 250 pages and 400 pages I can read in two days. Over 500 pages it takes me four to five days. But this means no TV watching on most nights.
I finished my big typing project this morning. Took me five days to type up 44 pages of one single epic poem.

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