Sunday, May 23, 2010

Raining only part of the day


This picture is a small part of Katrina coming ashore.

It was spitting rain all day today, with showers in between. I was able to get to Safeway but it was light rain during that trip. So I made it only to Safeway today, not anywhere else.

I finished Hellhound on His Trail. This book recounts the assassination of Martin Luther King by James Earl Ray. But throughout 3/4 of this book we knew him only as Eric Galt. The author tracks him before the killing and the two months after the killing he traveled in the U.S., then to Europe. He was captured in England as he tried to get on a plane to Belgium.

Then, in 1977 he escaped again from prison, a maximum security prison. He was gone for only two and one half days, captured this time by two hound dogs tracking his scent.

This book reads like a novel but it is all true. Another book I recommend to you.

I am now reading No One Would Listen, a book about the Madoff scandal. The author of this book saw the fraud as soon as he saw a report sent to one of the investors and also reading Madoff prospectus. This was nine years ago and $55 billion ago (the money other investors put in during those nine years.

He blames the SEC as he went there nine times to show this investment is a Ponzi scheme.

In the end Madoff confessed to his two adult children. Then those two children reported him the FBI. So the nine trips the author made to the SEC were all ignored. He has nothing to good to say about the SEC. This, too, is a great book.

I have four other books here from the library I have not taken out of the big bag I take the library.

I am getting through these books fast though.

Winston's War I finished in four days.

Orange is the New Black I finished in two days.

Hellbound on His Trail took me three days.

No One Would Listen will take me two days to read it.

I am not watching much TV these days. Tonight I am recording the finale of LOST. While in China I had to wait until the ssason was finished to buy the DVDs of that season. I got the fifth and sixth season with a week of the season ending in each of those years.

This year I recorded each episode without watching any yet. So I am taping the finale tonight. I did record the LOST episode from last night and watched it today. This was the two hour pilot. ABC had a running commentary in writing to tell us what happened based on this first episode.

I did the same thing with 24, recording each one but not watching any of them yet.

So next weekend, the Memorial Day weekend, I plan to catch up on these two series. If it rains, I will be watchging hours upon hours. If the weekend is nice, then my watching will be early morning and in the evening.

BookTV next weekend will last 3 and 1/2 days. I will check out the books on the site.


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