Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday now...

Hi again:

This is another surprise picture; I wonder what happened to these people 3 seconds later.

I am listening to a new podcast I found, Kindle-women. Two ladies, one in Italy and other somewhere here, talk about the Kindle and every other podcast review a book. The next book is The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. I checked the library but too many reservations for the book, but I found it on the Kindle site for $5.50. It is now on my Kindle.

I want to finish Too Big to Fail. Four hundred pages into it, Lehman Brothers has filed bankruptcy and AIG gets a huge goverment bailout. At least the government kicked out the management of AIG, the ones who created such a problem in that company. AIG, unlike Lehman Brothers, was deemed too big to fail in that it would impact all of the banks and securities dealers in New York. But I believe it should have failed like others. There should have been no bailouts at all, from Wall Street to the car companies.

What all of this shows is that government wants to save corporations and not people. No One Would Listen is another book on my list that talks about the losers of the Madeoff scandal. Again, those people got no relief but all of these corporations get relief, as they are too big to fail.

Just think what would happen if every person in the United States got $75,000 to $100,000 each. What that would do to spur the economy. Instead these corporations get the money and we did not.

End of this rant.

How is your weekend going?


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