Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another mistake in last post

Hi again:

The mistake in my last post was the name of the book I just finished. It is not The Killing Field but instead the The Killing Room. Like I said, it was not a very good book. Not a page-turner; only because it was set in Shanghai and I knew many of the places mentioned in the book.

Now I am reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I saw this author a few weeks ago on Book TV, C-Span2 on weekends. Henrietta died in 1951, but before she died the doctors took a some cells from her cancer. Back then any cells they took from people died within days. But hers remained alive and still live today. If measured by something we know, the number of cells created from her sample is 50 metric tons. The cells are called HeLa cells.

Almost every disease treatment involves HeLa cells.

Law & Order, in its last show of the series, involved a black guy who died around the same time. the DA gets the company to pay the family $10 million.

Nice day today, or no rain at least.

I picked up four of my ten books at the library. I had the library keep the other seven to pick up next week. This will give me enough time to read these books.


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