Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nice days ahead...

It sure makes my angry about this oil spill in the Gulf area. Why not bring in the big tankers to suck up the oil and water. The Exxon tanker that went ashore in Alaska dumped 13 million gallons of oil. Two or three of these tankers could have sucked it up so fast. But now we are going to see seafood prices go up because most of our seafood comes from the Gulf area. Like I said, it makes me so angry to see this oil spill spread like it is doing.
I am getting to Shell Games, how poachers are taking so many geoduck clams from the Washington area that it will wipe them out in Puget Sound. This, too, makes me angry to see this resources decimated like this.
We have finished the first editing of Redemption, the long epic poem written by the late Raymond Geraths. We will edit a few more times before putting it on the Kindle page. Right now it is 44 pages all typed out. It will come a few pages less than that once I take away the paragraph numbers off of each stanza.
His three epic poems are handwritten, in a style that is hard to read at times. I typed it up at the rate of five pages a day, taking me about 13 days to finish it.
He has two other epic poems, Creation and Sanctification. The latter poem is 92 pages long. I will not type that one out. Creation is about the same size as Redemption.
The coming weekend will be so nice. the nicest so far this spring.

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