Sunday, June 6, 2010

Well, one day was nice

Good morning:

It lasted one day. Our nice weather. This morning is wet and raining. Well, one nice day was yesterday.

This picture is the rectory for the Catholic Church. The church is to the right of the house. The rectory is the home for our priest.

The Genesis Secret is not a page-turner. I thought I could read this book in two days, but after three days I am only half way through it. I have 12 other books here from the library. I need to take some time to read to finish this book to get onto the other ones.

Again, my coffee is so good this morning. I ground the coffee beans to make the coffee in my French press.

I saw the author of Why We Hate Oil Companies say the same thing I have been saying: get some oil tankers over the spill and have each of them start sucking up oil and sea water. Each tanker can hold up to 11 million gallons, so get four or five of them to start sucking up the oil. I have been saying this for more than a month. I wonder why BP does not do this.


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