Friday, June 11, 2010

The weekend arrives...


This picture shows a dog house that apparently mirrors the main house.

I had two very strange dreams the last two nights.

Two nights ago I was in a forest and came across a group of homeless people living there. The cops would come by on four wheel vehicles to harass us, but normally we slept there. I joined them and slept under a heavy blanket.

My dream last night was even stranger. I was at the beach, South Beach in Newport, and decided I wanted to swim with the whales returning south. I was out swimming with them. The strange part of this dream I don't swim very well at all. In fact, I can barely swim, so why was I swimming in the ocean? I was heading toward Waldport, but stopped at a small cove. So turned around and swam back to Newport. I had nephews and nieces there so I had to collect them but they were at different sites, but the traffic was very bad. Like I said a most strange dream.

I am listening to ATC and Morning Edition today. I was reading last night so I did not listen to ATC (All Things Considered).

For a change I was reading on my Kindle instead of reading books here. I was reading the articles I downloaded from The New York Times and The New Yorker. Listening to the Kindle Chronicles this morning I heard about This has long articles on it I can download to to get them in the format for my Kindle.

I am watching the World Cup on TV today, on mute so I can listen to my computer for the NPR programs. Now I know why I don't like soccer. Not enough scoring.

Later today I will start the book Finding Chandra, another nonfiction book. I would rather read nonfiction than fiction. I have Matterhorn here, a novel on the Vietnam War. It is a 600 page book, but I really don't want to read about that war again.

I see I have six more books waiting for me at the library again. That may jump to nine as three more are "in transit."

If there is no rain later today, I do plan to mow the lawn here. I will also plant my final tomato here, an upside down tomato.


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