Friday, June 25, 2010

The weekend nears...


This picture is Pioneer Park. Before the Columbus Day storm you could not see through this park. The storm knocked down over 100 big trees. I was able to walk from the parking lot to the creek without touching the ground the day after the storm.

I cleaned one crate of strawberries and made biscuits. Making biscuits is a messy process. I learned, after the fact, to roll out dough with roller but to first sprinkle Bisquick over the top of it before rolling it. Now I know the next time I make biscuits.

With these strawberries, I am making shortcake and freezer jam. Tomorrow I will use the second crate for the freezer.

I ate my lunch already but I have a strawberry shortcake waiting for me this afternoon.

These Oregon strawberries are so different from the ones you buy in the store either from California or Florida. So much softer and a taste that explodes in your mouth.


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