Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good morning on this U

Good morning:

This picture is what a jet plane looks like the moment it passes the sound barrier, or so I am told in an email to me a few weeks ago.

Today I am updating my father's Kindle. I am adding books to it as well as adding a few of the magazine articles I added to my Kindle.

Pork, it is good enough for Congress so it is good enough for us....so says NPR Morning Edition.

My father will be here in an hour or so. He dropped off his Kindle around 8:30 this morning. It takes time to upload books, transfer the books from his Kindle to the SD card I put in his Kindle this morning. Now, he can download over 3,000 books with the card. With the Kindle memory itself you get only about 120 books and articles before you run out of space.

If you heard Morning Edition today, then consider reading Nothing to Envy, a book on North Korea. Nothing to envy means the North Koreans have nothing to envy in other countries. What a croak. One story is about a refuge who leaves the North and goes to China. As she walks along the road she sees a dish of white rice in the yard with a big piece of meat. What could this be for, the young lady wondered? She had not seen white rice in years in North Korea. Then, much to her surprise, she sees the dog come out to eat the meat and rice. A dog, she thinks, eats better in China than people eat in North Korea. Right, nothing to envy...

As it turned out, this young North Korean lady was able to stay at that house after escaping North Korea. It was a house with a dirt floor but nothing like in North Korea. They lived in shacks in the North.

Time for lunch here.


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