Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good morning:

This quote if from Candyfreak, a book by Steve Almond, about the candy industry in America. I found this quote so funny as I was in the same position as a seven-year old kid in Stayton. Baker's Chocolate looks so good and smells so good, but the taste....

...Was I the only child in America who regarded Baker's Chocolate as the cruelest food product every invented? Was I the only one--despite repeated warnings from the Mother Unit, despite the dark knowledge that the Mother Unit would not knowingly place a pound of chocolate within my reach, that this was too easy, despite even my own clear memory of having tried this stunt before and would up with a mouthful of bitter goo---reached in the back of the cupboard and removed the box and greedily slipped a square from it curiously stiff, wrapper?

Was I the only one who gazed upon the thick, angled square, so much a like a Chunky, really in abject lust? And who held the piece to my nose and breathed in the deep brown scent and then, despite all the evidence to the contrary, simply unable to will my disbelief, bit down?

I am watching a movie called The Last Days of Lehman Brothers. It is a dramatization of what happened on CNBC. With all of the books I read on the meltdown, it seems strange to see these actors play the big players from the various books I read.

Today I will mow the lawn, go the library to pick 10 books there, and take a bike ride around Stayton.

The picture is sort of funny, but not too funny.


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