Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finished my strawberries

Hi again:

I worked on my strawberries yesterday, finishing both crates of berries. I made 3 batches of freezer jam, froze 7 quarts of berries, made a strawberry/rhubarb crisp, and I have nice big bowl of strawberries still here for shortcake.

I finished Sports from Hell. I have never laughed so much reading a book. It was laugh-out-loud phrases. One chapter on drinking games and another chapter on Jarts were especially funny.

I have five other books to chose from here for my next book, or I can read some articles I placed on my Kindle. I may chose the latter for reading today.

I need to get a new battery for my Kindle. Only on the Kindle 1 can you change the battery. I can get one on eBay for about $16.00. Even though the Kindle 2 now costs less than half what I paid for my Kindle 1, I think my Kindle is just right for me: it has a replaceable battery plus it is sharper than the screen on the Kindle 2.

If you want to get a Kindle, Amazon is now selling the Kindle 2 for $189.00. It used to be $259.00 so you can save $70.00 by buying it now. Of course, there is a big rumor that a new Kindle 3 is coming out in late July or August. It may cost less than the Kindle 2 now. So I will wait to see what the Kindle 3 looks like.

This picture explains what is not permitted in the ocean now.

I sprayed my lawn again today. I sprayed it five days ago, but my sprayer was not working correctly. I used on a fraction of Weed-B-Gon during that spray. I sort of killed some weeds but not thoroughly. So I cleaned my sprayer and today it worked just fine. I was outside at 7:30 this morning spraying my lawn. I wanted to get it sprayed before I put my clothes on the clothesline today.

Time to get outside again to get the Sunday paper and some cat food.


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