Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mid-week now

Good morning:
This picture is Regis High School taken from Regis Street in Stayton. You see the three buildings at this high school. To the left, behind the tree, is the combined chapel/library. By the flag is the classroom building. The big white dome is the gym. I loved the way this campus was designed.
Between the classroom and chapel is a slanted lawn. We used to play cards, hearts when the nuns were watching us; poker otherwise.
Yesterday I made hazelnut chocolate chip cookies. I don't like the name "hazelnut." I would rather use filbert. So I made filbert chocolate chip cookies yesterday.
Anyway, these cookies are great. How do get the cookies off the cookie sheet without mushing up the cookies. Should I wait to let the cookies cool before taking them off? I would not like to show anyone these cookies as they are mostly in pieces.
I am almost finished with The Boy Who Would Be Shakespeare. At age 19 he started the forgeries. Starting with receipts, he moved to a letter from Shakespeare to his wife. Then he went to big things. He wrote a handwritten version of King Lear. Then to the really big thing: a new unpublished Shakespeare play. He did all of this to impress his father, who thought his son was uninformed and stupid.
My next book has changed. I will be reading Sports from Hell: My Search for the World's Dumbest Competition.
Has your week going?

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