Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another sort of nice day


This picture shows a fish caught in a spawning bed. This chinook salmon is in breeding colors with the big hook of a nose.

I picked up 13 books at the library today. I may have to read a book a day or so for the next three weeks to get though all of these books.

I am now reading Seaworthy by Linda Greenlaw. She became famous in A Perfect Storm as the sword boat captain who returned home, unlike the main boat in this book. As a result of the latter book she wrote six other books and this one is her latest book. In this book she again becomes a sword boat captain and is heading to the Outer Banks in the Atlantic in search of swordfish.

My next book will be The Boy Who Would Be Shakespeare by Dough Stewart. These forgeries came in out starting in 1795, just about 85 years after Shakespeare's death. The country was in search of something written in Shakespeare's hand. So this guy, William-Henry Ireland, forges a letter to Ann from William and ends with forging a play in William's hand that that was shouted off the stage. I get this from the report from NPR in All Things Considered tonight.

I have wide choice for books after these two books. I may be reading More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of the New Elites.

I also have two novels here with China themes so those I may read in the coming week. One is The Shanghai Moon.

Yet another book is Poorly Made in China.

Such a wide choice of books. My poor Kindle will remain quiet for the next few weeks.

I rode my bike around Stayton today, going to a garage sale at a local church and later traveling to the library to pick up the 13 books waiting for me.


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