Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strawberries are here...

Hello again:

I got two crates of strawberries today. I will clean them and make some biscuits for shortcake. Biscuits are my favorite shortcake. Some, I know, like angel food cake, but not me.

I plan to freeze one crate of strawberries for use during the coming winter.

This picture, which I do believe I posted before, is one of the oldest houses in Stayton. It used to be the first hospital of Stayton. My mother was born here. Now it is being remodeled by volunteers to bring back its former glory.

I certainly am enjoying reading Sports from Hell by Rick Reilly. It is a series of stories on sports we never heard of. The first story is the World's Sauna Tournament. In Sweden they have this tournament, where the sauna is set at 127 degrees............................Celsius, making it 261 degree F. The author stays in there for 3 minutes and 10 seconds. The winner got up to 12 minutes. Another story is a one hole golf tournament, with that hole being 5,500 yards. over 3 miles. It is down a mountain in Colorado. One of the funniest stories is Rock, Paper, Scissors. An actual tournament on that "sport."

The author is accompanied by his researcher/travel agent, the most beautiful TLC. (The Lovely Cynthia).

Time to head to Safeway to get some Bisquick.


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