Sunday, June 6, 2010

Slow day here

Tomorrow I will try to get summer to come here by making iced coffee. I made the coffee already and it is in the frig. I also made some new ice so tomorrow I will have some iced coffee.
The picture here is a lilac tree at the end of our alley. It smells so good as ride my bike by it.
NPR is talking about a new novel, but I have no plans to get it. It sounds so good, but I need to get through what I have here, plus the 3 books waiting for me at the library. Plus, I need to start reading my Kindle again. I added five articles to it today. Tomorrow the email from The New Yorker comes which means I can add a few more articles to my Kindle.
I plan to hang another tomato upside down. I had to buy a large bottle of Diet Coke yesterday. It will take me 3 to 4 days to drink the Coke, so I will use that bottle for my tomato.
I made a hanging basket a few weeks ago. St. Mary's School had a rummage sale, so I bought 3 flowers there: lavender, geranium, and blue violet. It hangs on our back porch now.

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