Saturday, June 5, 2010

A nice day, finally...

Good morning:

It is a good day here...finally. It is sunny and warm out today. It feels so good outside.

I went to a garage sale today to look at bamboo fly fly rods. Too expensive for me. Besides all of my fishing equipment remains in China. It does me no good to buy a fly rod with nothing to fish with.

Today I made coffee, like most mornings. But today, instead of having ground my coffee at the store, I got a coffee grinder from my ex-wife. I ground fresh coffee for my French Press. I used the Costco coffee that costs $8.99 for 2 and 1/2 pounds. Even this coffee is great made this way. I am making my second pot of coffee right now as I drank the three cups of coffee already. It is so good this way, grinding my own coffee beans and making coffee in my French Press.

I am now reading The Genesis Secret, a novel. I had to put aside my nonfiction books to read this novel. It is like "priming the well" in the sense I need to read a quick novel to get back the habit of reading again.

I am watching BookTV today. I see a good author for Why We Hate Oil Companies. I will try to find this book at our library.

I finally figured out how to get better sound on my new laptop. It sounded like a cave when I put on podcasts or music. But I found how to adjust the sound. Now it is set a "padded cell." My podcasts and music sound so much better now. I have been using my older laptop to listen to podcasts and music, but now I can retire that old computer and start listening on this computer.

The picture here is a 1953 Studebaker. I show it because we have this very car in our back yard. We will convert to all electric once we get started with The Green Car of America.

Have a great day...our first without rain in 21 days.


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