Tuesday, June 8, 2010

U today...


This picture shows how stupid the tea party people are about immigrants. We all are immigrants. My grandparents on my father's side came here in 1907 from Argentina. They could not get into the United States about 10 years earlier so they went to Argentina.

I started and finished A Captain's Duty yesterday. It has been some time since I read a book in one day. But this book is so interesting. This captain was the first U.S. ship hijacked by pirates since the revolutionary war. He was taken aboard a raft by the pirates. But these pirates were pretty stupid. The captain convinced the four pirates that his crew was upset at him and would not come to the deck to be with him. Also, he had the control of the ship placed in the engine room not the deck. The captain turned the radio to station 72 but the pirates thought it was in 16 and could not figure out why no one was answering them.

He also talked the lead pirate to go the Navy ship watching them to get a doctor for him. Of course, we never see that leader again. The three remaining, after five days in the life boat, were each killed by snipers aboard the Navy ship.

You can tell I like this book.

I am going to hang a second tomato upside down. I have the jar I want to use and I have the tomato plant.

I have two blossoms on the two tomatoes I planted last month. These Oregon Spring tomatoes were small plants, costing me $1.19 each at Wilco.

Are we going to have two days in a row without rain? What a treat...


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